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Welcome to Hansa Reifen, your trusted partner in tire recycling. We are a company specializing in the reuse and recycling of used tires. Our mission is to positively contribute to the environment by reusing valuable raw materials while reducing the need for resource extraction and energy consumption.

Our experienced employees have extensive know-how in the tire industry and are committed to shaping a sustainable future. We work closely with our customers to develop individual solutions that meet their specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure a high quality of our products and services while helping our customers to achieve their environmental goals.

Our recycling processes are environmentally friendly and effective. We collect used tires from various sources and put them through a thorough recycling process. During the process, the rubber in the tires is crushed and granulated. These granules can then be reused in the manufacture of new products such as sports surfaces, playground surfaces, and road surfaces.

We attach great importance to complying with all regulations and standards that apply to the tire recycling industry. Our facilities and processes are regularly maintained and checked for effectiveness to ensure we always meet the highest standards.